Where to begin. The delivery was over three and a half hours late. By the time they showed up, they didn't feel like working anymore, and repeatedly asked if they could go home and come back tomorrow instead of assembling the items upon delivery. Then they called their supervisor and cooked up some crazy story about being denied access to my building because the superintendant had told them deliveries aren't allowed on weekends. Not only do we not have such a rule, we also don't have a superintendant. So their story had some holes in it. Not to mention the fact that I had personally let them into the building, so even the part of being denied access was a complete fabrication. Once inside, they continued to complain about how it was too late to do the work.

They refused to use the delivery entrance (because, they claimed, it would "take too long" to move the truck) despite the sign clearly marking that deliveries are not allowed in the front entrance. This was an odd decision on their part, because it forced them to struggle with heavy packages down the stairs, while they could have easily used the dollies they brought if they'd used the delivery entrance.

They ended up leaving a huge mess, boxes, paper, plastic, and general garbage everywhere. When we called to complain about the lousy service, the manager made a series of excuses for their being late, and sent a very self-serving email "apology" that was really just a long defense of how great a job they had allegedly done. He did, however, offer to send the people back to clean up the mess they had left.

When the guys got here, they immediately started arguing about the fact that cleaning up their own mess is not their job, complaining about having to make a 45 minute drive to come back here, and generally giving us a hard time about the complaint email we'd sent in. One of the guys even started shouting at my wife. Unbelievable!

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