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I purchased an ikea pax unit and urban express assembled it on October 9th. They sent two bumbling kids who had no clue what they were doing. The kids were arguing with eachother the whole time. I have put together Ikea furniture before and I am sure I would have done a much better job.

They damaged my wall, damaged the doors of my piece, the doors were left unleveled (one is scratching a drawer underneath), a drawer was left unattached to the unit just placed balancing on top of the drawer underneath, they never drilled hardware holes because they didn't bring the drill bits (I was on the phone with Ikea while they were here who was informing them they were supposed to drill holes).

I just got off the phone with the least helpful manager I have ever spoken with. I have no idea how they are still in business. I spoke to one excellent customer service rep (Sandy) who was willing and able to help but apparently the rest of the company has no idea how to deal with customers. I spoke with Stefanie and her boss (maybe michael?) who were both rude and unwilling to help. Terrible way of doing business.

My Ikea case number was 18093069‏. If you are reading this urban express and would like me to retract this review please by all means fix your terrible work, and I will remove the truth from this and every other website I will review your work on. In the meantime I will not rest until every person who googles Urban Express reads what the outcome could be. Not only did this company make my purchase (over 1,000) unusable, but they damaged my property on top of it and have the most disgraceful customer service on I have ever experienced on top of it!

- Jacqueline Taylor

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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