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I just can't believe how unprofessional those people are. I will pass on the hours I spent on the phone with them (In average 54 minutes to get to talk to someone -> I really did the math!!!).

First they delivered the wrong furniture. And after 3 weeks, I still do not have the item I ordered. I have been stood up 3 times already with no reason !

If you ever go to IKEA DO NOT CHOOSE DELIVERY! Or you will end up like me paying for some furniture you will never get to see in your house!!!!! Pick up your furniture yourself!!!!!

Review about: Delivery.

Monetary Loss: $500.



We are going through a similar experience with Urban Express. WE spent $1500 at Ikea on a wardrobe and another $400 for delivery and installation.

The guys arrived 2 weeks after purchase without the drawers, or hardware for the closet and hung the doors incorrectly so that the doors don't close properly. After hours on the phone, trying to reach the right people at Ikea, getting a case number etc., and being told we would hear from someone within 72 hours, was finally told by an Ikea employee that it is best to go back to the store. So we did. Told the whole story over again and was set up with the new delivery and assembly crew a week later.

Well the week came and went and Urban Express dropped off the drawers but did not assemble or fix the mishung doors. And today trying to reach someone to help is impossible. I am at wits end and just don't know what to do.

This is just an awful experience where no one seems to take responsbility and doesn't look like this will be fixed any time soon. I'm so frustrated and feel hung out to dry by Ikea.


They kept pushing off the delivery time and never showing up to install basketball hoop. By the time they come my kids will be back at school....

Urban Express the WORST delivery and installation service in America!

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

I had purchased $4000 worth of furniture for my brand new home from IKEA and purchased their delivery/installation service for a hefty price. Their delivery/assembly guys (Urban Express) delivered the furniture on time.

One of them had absolutely no civility and the other was polite. They seemed to have no expertise in anything but hauling heavy furniture. They delivered wrong items and assembled the right items WRONGLY. Of course, the guys appeared to have been picked up from a nearby ghetto, and could not follow the graphic directions provided by IKEA.

They would discard parts that are essential (e.g., those of the bridge unit and TV stand of an entertainment center), and complained that some packages did not contain all parts! My son and I had to essentially rebuild a TV stand to make it ready for the FiOS installer the following day. These guys wanted to store open, unassembled parts of a bed frame in my bedroom until the missing parts arrived! They said they could not haul the stuff away since they have nothing to do with IKEA, but did so upon my insisting that they could not use my bedroom as their storage.

At noon, We offered them a decent meal and invited them to eat with us. The rude guy (who seemed like the team leader) said they would eat it later. The polite guy who was hungry and wanted to eat could not eat since the other would not; the food was never touched! The guys left most of their work incomplete and messy.

What irked me even more was that they had a thick layer of mud under their boots and they lavishly spread it on my brand new carpet in every room they entered. Worse still, they used multiple restrooms in my house and left their filth everywhere which we had to clean up! These guys had no clue what they were doing and did more harm to me and to IKEA than good. I had to use the services of another installer to undo the damaged don by the Urban guys, and IKEA has promised to reimburse me for it.

It seems the only thing urban about Urban Express is the place where they pick up their day laborers; instead, they need to hire some competent and URBANE guys. Until then, folks, do yourselves a favor: avoid major headaches by avoiding this Neanderthal company.

Review about: Furniture.

Urban Express is a Scam

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I had a similar experience with Urban Express (Pittsburgh). I purchased an item from IKEA, was told Urban Express would be contacting me. After four days of no phone call, I contacted the company. I was told my order was misplaced and that I had to contact Ikea myself to straighten it out.

After one week, I finally recieved a phone call from Urban Express.

On the original date of assembly, I was contacted claiming the installer would not be able to come due to car troubles and we would reschedule to assemble. We set a rescheduled date.

No one showed on the rescheduled date. I did not recieve a phone call, nothing. I called Urban Express phone number and after waiting 20 minutes on hold, left my number for a call back. I got a call back the next day.

The Customer Service rep was confused on the date of my assembly, tried to blame me for confusing the date. I asked to speak to a manager. The rep placed me on hold to find a manager. She then returned on the phone and told me managers were currently dealing with other customers. I told her I would wait for a manager to be available. A few minutes later, the rep returned and informed me there was no manager available as they had gone home for the evening.

I am appalled and shocked IKEA does business with Urban Express. I had no choice but to demand my assembly charge to be returned. Awful, awful experience.

Urban Express (Ikea Brooklyn): terrible experience

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I would give Urban Express a 0 rating if possible. they have the worst customer service and they treat customers like dirt.

I had a wall unit mounted and after 11 months it fell off breaking the HD TV underneath it in the process. the total damage is close to $1,000. It turns out that the UE guy didn't even mount the wall unit on the studs. i called them several times to complain and every single time the operator tells me that the complaint manager will call me back.

Once, they put on hold for 35 minutes. Eventually, I went to the Brooklyn store to complain and the personnel there threatened me there to call the police if I didn't leave. They didn't even jhave the decency to send a manager to discuss with me.

It is an abonimation and I am stunned that IKEA is using them as a partner. avoid all costs!

Urban Express - Awful Customer Service

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I purchased a couch from Ikea Brooklyn and paid for delivery and assembly with Urban Express. They delivered one wrong piece and were missing two others.

Assembly was not carried out because of the missing items. It has been an absolute nightmare to reschedule the assembly. I feel like I have spoken to at least 20 people in 4 different departments at Urban Express. I have spent at least a cumulative 3 hours on the phone trying to track down the right people.

There are serious communication problems at this company and the customer service experience is incomprehensibly bad. If at all possible, I would recommend staying far away from any of the services provided by Urban Express.

Horrible customer service, and the delivery service Urban Express are scammers!

New York, New York 3 comments

We purchased over $1000 of products at Ikea in Brooklyn and requested delivery with assembly in Brooklyn. After being told that delivery and assembly would be with two different crews over NINE hours, we decided to ask them to move the delivery to another day.

Within 30 SECONDS, we called back to ask for the delivery to remain as it stood, and were told, no problem, the delivery would be there. So we waited and waited and waited and waited.....and they never came. When we called to find out what was going on, we were told that the delivery was cancelled, and that we would have to pay another $80 to reschedule. After speaking with the ghetto and unhelpful Urban Express (who admitted fault since they never transferred the request to the dispatch), and speaking with unhelpful IKEA customer service for over ONE HOUR, was told that if we wanted our furniture we would have to pay another $80 AND wait all day long again.


The furniture isn't all that cheap if you have to use personal time to wait all freaking day long for furniture that never comes. Pay the extra money for real furniture and use a real delivery company.


Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #699026

i would have said "fine, cancel the order" if they wont file a complaint with the CC company and do a chargeback (you did buy this on a CC, didnt you?) When enough problems appears to the main store then they will have to make a decision to change or lose out.

Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #656586

I worked for urban 6 months , the reason why they suck is all the top people are greedy,and those who do 90% of work are paid cheap. The left doesnt know what the right is doing. I think its time to take them out , I know some companies are dis associating themselves from urban because they are a national company but are bad mangers of people and workers.

to Anonymous #963002

I also worked for urban express......trust me public....it's one of the worst companies out there......they have THE MOST UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE OUT THERE working for them........and it is a shame and an inbarisment that a great company like ikea should associate itself with such a non professional company.

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