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Customer service

Ikea use this delivery company, the worts custumer service ever. They were late. I had to re-schedule and for second time almost late. Then finally they were at home, but they were in a hurry so paid for taht too...

I spoke with a Lady name LUCIA OMG she doesnt have manners.

I Almost return everything i bought almots $8000 in a kitchen.

I did a complain directed on Ikea and returned dishwasher and a kitchen hood.

A guy name Mike manager from Ikea sawgrass in florida call me and apologized, which I appriciated it. He was very kind and resposable.

But relly this company Urban Express shouldnt be working for a company like Ikea.

Review about: Ikea Kitchen Cabinets.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.



The problem is not urban express, it's ikea that has all the miss confusions. Probably you was not in your time frame, so that's probably why you had to reschudule several time.

Urban Express - Delivery Schedule Review

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Not resolved

Rude , Nasty people! I called 4 days in a row twice a day to simply schedule my paid for already delivery.

They kept saying they would call me back & never did . Each person I spoke to was Nasty. Unfortunately this is the third party shipping company babies r us uses. Finally got a date for them to 3 minutes later change it to another date that I wasn't available.

Woman was so nasty and unprofessional . I asked to talk to manager & was told by the coordinator they don't Hv one. Was than told they couldn't give me another date because they didn't have schedule pass sept 5. It's aug 26.

Cancelled on the spot told the woman no way would I give them Business.! Babies r us refunded our shipping & was apologetic. Apparently they Hv had multiple complaints from customers. Hope babies r us.

finds a different shipping service . As for Urban Express customer service goes a long way. Service recovery is crucial & it's only a matter of time before your company will be gone if you don't train your employees correctly.

My impression from your employees is there is poor management , poor organization , lack if accountability & extreme lack of any personal / customer service skills.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #956462

Thanks for posting. Going through same situation but with back yard swing set.

Was told they would call within 48 hours. First company called and was great but does not do assembly. Re-assigned and new company never calls back. Called Urban Express several times so finally went back to ToysRUs and had them call.

So now getting another reassignment. But now told they will not call me for 7-10 days to schedule.

It has already been a week. No one in customer service is helpful

Urban Express-- "Incompetance"..excuse after excuse for Ikea deliveries

Not resolved

We purchase $14,000 in merchandise from Ikea Atlanta on multiple occasions. We scheduled and paid for delivery services. URBAN EXPRESS is their delivery company.

Multiple times we scheduled deliveries. the first time, there were no problems.

Second, third, fourth, fifth......the delivery company gave excuse after excuse. "the driver didn't want to go down the hill" "the driver couldn't find street" "the driver couldn't find house"

this is a rural, mountainous area. Cel service for some providers may be sketchy.

I explained this to the company MANY times....I gave the company explicit directions to the house. Which is not that difficult since it is in a major upscale subdivision. Our driveway is right on the corner of 2 streets, which I conveyed to them. I put a 3 foot sign at the edge of the driveway, just so they wouldn't miss.

But that is just the tip. We had several issues with the delivery on multiple occasions for merchandise deliveries. This last time, the delivery window was 12noon to 4pm. I called them 3 times prior to 12noon. to make sure they had correct phone, to make sure they had the exact directions, to make sure they knew to go to the house even if they had no Cell service, to make sure they knew that there was an extra sign put at the end of the driveway...They kept telling me "yes" they know...

By 3pm...nothing. I called..."Oh yes, they are on the way"... 4pm "driver is running late, will be there in 1 hour"...5pm " driver still coming" .THIS WENT ON TILL 9PM ! NO ONE SHOWING UP !!!

Then I get an "automated" call, saying my merchandise had been delivered...

I called them again at 9pm...all they said is that they couldn't help me and to call Ikea in the morning..

This is a new house under construction, You can imagine how frustrated and angry I am.

My husband said he will never buy anything more from IKEA. And all my neighbors hear about this as well. As well as every complaint web site I can find.I have filed complaints with BBB New York and BBB Georgia.

Review about: Multiple Delivery.

Urban Express - Simple Review #1404166131

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Wow pay the extra $$ and have a company do a better job. Don't use don't use don't use

Urban Express - Can't deliver because of icy roads and weather conditions

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I was hoping to get a pax system delivered today from IKEA. They use Urban Express, who tell me they can't deliver because of the ice and weather conditions.

Well, if bad weather is partly sunny and breezy I guess this is a nasty kind of day. Yes, we had snow yesterday morning but this is Vancouver Island. With the sun shining brightly and well above freezing temperatures the streets were dry by the end if yesterday. The driver told me it was too icy to deliver.

He told his dispatcher that the police told him not to continue on the road. Say what!?! The city is operating normally, as it did yesterday. Oh, and the dispatcher is in Toronto and the IKEA customer service person is in Montreal.

I have spoken to Urban Express. I gave them a direct route to my home...I still don't know where the driver was stuck. The customer service said we can't send him back because that would put him late for the rest of his deliveries. Great!

I didn't tell you that the initial time line for delivery was between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Late last night UX called to say the delivery would be between 5:00 and 9:00 pm. Okay. I cancel a medical appointment and tell my boss I can't coach this evening.

Then this morning at 9:45 I get a call from the driver saying they will be here in half an hour. An hour and a half later I call the driver and get his incredulous news. Now UX is offering to deliver on Thursday between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Well sorry to say but I lost it!

The customer service woman at UX made a call and now the driver will attempt to deliver before I go to coach today. I live in hope.

Review about: Pax System.



oh shut up, you complainer . I hope they bring your stuff in the storm and your stuff breaks.


Me again. The appointed time for my delivery, before I go to work, is past.

There has been no phone call and no delivery. Oh, and the streets are still dry.

Silly me, to think that Urban Express would deliver.

I guess I'm back to Thursday, and opening up my entire schedule once again. Thanks for nothing UX.

Urban Express - Very bad service, extremely unfriendly delivery


Where to begin. The delivery was over three and a half hours late. By the time they showed up, they didn't feel like working anymore, and repeatedly asked if they could go home and come back tomorrow instead of assembling the items upon delivery. Then they called their supervisor and cooked up some crazy story about being denied access to my building because the superintendant had told them deliveries aren't allowed on weekends. Not only do we not have such a rule, we also don't have a superintendant. So their story had some holes in it. Not to mention the fact that I had personally let them into the building, so even the part of being denied access was a complete fabrication. Once inside, they continued to complain about how it was too late to do the work.

They refused to use the delivery entrance (because, they claimed, it would "take too long" to move the truck) despite the sign clearly marking that deliveries are not allowed in the front entrance. This was an odd decision on their part, because it forced them to struggle with heavy packages down the stairs, while they could have easily used the dollies they brought if they'd used the delivery entrance.

They ended up leaving a huge mess, boxes, paper, plastic, and general garbage everywhere. When we called to complain about the lousy service, the manager made a series of excuses for their being late, and sent a very self-serving email "apology" that was really just a long defense of how great a job they had allegedly done. He did, however, offer to send the people back to clean up the mess they had left.

When the guys got here, they immediately started arguing about the fact that cleaning up their own mess is not their job, complaining about having to make a 45 minute drive to come back here, and generally giving us a hard time about the complaint email we'd sent in. One of the guys even started shouting at my wife. Unbelievable!

Review about: Delivery.

URBAN EXPRESS BLOWS...but toss up with IKEA

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Not resolved

The first guy was great but of course they needed guys that could actually mount the wall unit. Well then they send the second guy and he told us it couldn't be mounted ok well just reconfigure it so it doesn't need mourning.

oh he couldn't touch it and left...going on Day 4 on resolving this issue with incompetent idiots across the board.

They have been pointing fingers for 3 days and not sure if we will ever reach a resolution and the line disconnects every time after being on hold for an hour. I can't believe IKEA would use this company....in Europe great company here sucks across the board if they gave these clowns the contract!

Review about: Wall Unit Mount.

Urban Express - The worst experience I have ever had any company ever!

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I purchased an ikea pax unit and urban express assembled it on October 9th. They sent two bumbling kids who had no clue what they were doing. The kids were arguing with eachother the whole time. I have put together Ikea furniture before and I am sure I would have done a much better job.

They damaged my wall, damaged the doors of my piece, the doors were left unleveled (one is scratching a drawer underneath), a drawer was left unattached to the unit just placed balancing on top of the drawer underneath, they never drilled hardware holes because they didn't bring the drill bits (I was on the phone with Ikea while they were here who was informing them they were supposed to drill holes).

I just got off the phone with the least helpful manager I have ever spoken with. I have no idea how they are still in business. I spoke to one excellent customer service rep (Sandy) who was willing and able to help but apparently the rest of the company has no idea how to deal with customers. I spoke with Stefanie and her boss (maybe michael?) who were both rude and unwilling to help. Terrible way of doing business.

My Ikea case number was 18093069‏. If you are reading this urban express and would like me to retract this review please by all means fix your terrible work, and I will remove the truth from this and every other website I will review your work on. In the meantime I will not rest until every person who googles Urban Express reads what the outcome could be. Not only did this company make my purchase (over 1,000) unusable, but they damaged my property on top of it and have the most disgraceful customer service on I have ever experienced on top of it!

- Jacqueline Taylor

Review about: Pax Ikea Unit.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Urban Express - They don't really know how to assemble IKEA furniture


Bought over two thousand dollars worth of Pax Wadrobes from IKEA with additional hefty assembly fees from Urban Express. The two fellas who delivered, did come within the four hour time frame (actually 30 minutes early) but took 6 and 1/2 hours to assemble two wardrobes two nighttables and a laks shelf.

We told them that the doors weren't assembled correctly, and that the nighttables weren't assembled correctly. They insisted they were. They left. After contacting Urban Express and Ikea we had an inspector come by from Urban Express.

He concurred that everything had been done improperly but explained we needed to order new parts. Ikea then took their sweet time getting the parts to us. Now here we are waiting for the actual repair from Urban Express. Essentially, we cannot seem to make an appointment that sticks in their system.

They tell IKEA that they call us and we don't call them back (which is untrue). Then we call them and set up appointments but when we confirm they tell us there is no appointment in the system. Today I'm home waiting for the repair guy but I have a twelve hour window and no confirmation. I've learned to schedule them for Saturdays because taking off work to deal with this company is a huge mistake.

Ikea is not being helpful either. They just push off the responsibility on Urban Express.

At this rate my loss is about 400 dollars: the money I gave those yokels as a tip for assembling the furniture as well as the money paid for install and assembly. On the other hand if they make good all will be forgiven.

Review about: Furniture Assembly.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Urban Express - Destroyed our furniture with sticker, late, horrible

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They ruined our furniture and were late, and they have done zero to rectify our ruined furniture.

We bought furniture from IKEA, and asked Urban Express to deliver. At first we were given a window of 9 a.m to 10 p.m. (which is not a window, it's an entire day), and finally they narrowed it down to 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. At 6:30 I called because nobody had shown up yet. They said the driver was 25 minutes away. At 7:30 I called again b/c they still had not showed. They said they were very nearby. They got there around 7:45. Which is kind of an issue because I have to reserve the elevator in our building if I am having something delivered. I reserved any slot from 9 am to 6 p.m. like an obnoxious ***, and then they couldn't even show up within a four hour window (there are no slots after 6).

One of the items was a floor model coffee table that appeared to be intact. We counted the rest of the boxes, and then signed off as it appeared everything was in good order, tipped the drivers and said our goodbyes. Then we rolled out our new rug and put our pre-assembled table on the rug.

It was then that we noticed the GIANT URBAN EXPRESS STICKER slapped on the side of the coffee table. It's a square table, and does not go against the wall (it's a coffee table), so there's no way to keep this out of view. Thanks, UE, for ruining our furniture. What a waste of cash we just spent.

I wrote them to ask if there was something they could do to rectify the situation. I got no response. Not even an apology. Now we have to find a new coffee table, or live with one that is a really bad advertisement for URBAN EXPRESS. I am doing that for a while just so I can warn people what will happen to them if they use them. I will never let Urban Express deliver anything for me ever again. If I can't take it with me, I'm just not buying it from a place that uses Urban Express as a delivery service. Thanks, UE, for ruining our new furniture. I'm making sure everybody who comes over sees it.

Review about: Furniture Shipping.

Monetary Loss: $150.



Urban Express is horrible. I ordered a puppy, which they delivered.

It was only after they left that I realized they had put a huge Urban Express sticker right down the side of my new dog! It won't come off, and now my dog is a walking billboard for this awful company.

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